major fire breaks out at ockham woods
major fire breaks out at ockham woods

Major fire breaks out at Ockham Woods

A major fire is ripping through Ockham Woods

in Surrey this afternoon. Police have closed the forest and are asking people to move away whilst fire crew tackle a large fire that is spreading.
Major Fire Breaks Out At Ockham Woods
A number of resources from around the county have been called in to deal with the incident. A specialist drone has been called in to fly across the fire. Other specialist firefighter rescources including three unimogs and a number of land rovers and a water carrier are assisting in tackling the flames as a large smoke cloud billows above the treeeline. Water supplies are limited and are understood to be effecting tackling the blaze. The size of the blaze is estimated to be 60 metres by 20 metres. The unknown dange is wether or not it’s spreading in the undergrowth and endangering wildlife. Firefighters and rescources are likely to remain for some time, drivers are advised to avoid the area.