travellers take over surrey nature reserve 2
travellers take over surrey nature reserve 2

Traveller’s Take Over Surrey Nature Reserve

Travellers have taken claim of Tice’s Meadow a newly developed nature reserve on the site of the former Farnham Quarry, located between Badshot Lea and Tongham in Surrey, on the southern outskirts of Aldershot. Locals were shocked when thirty caravans took up residence yesterday morning (Wednesday November 9th)

Volunteer of Tice’s Meadow Richard Horton says he is powerless, the Police don’t want to know and have said that I have got to sort it out myself. They broke in Yesterday morning about 10am. The rubbish and the fly tipping has already started and a large amount of hard core has been dumped at the edge of the gated area with a further pile.

I have come down this morning to take some pictures. The only way I ‘m going resolve this is by going to court

The travellers, some 30 vans, claim that there are not enough sites for them to stop over at. They claim that they are only going on here for a couple of days. They (The Travellers) have broken off locks and put their own padlocks on and have also damaged a metal gate to gain access.

Two small dogs stand guard barking when anyone drives to alert the travellers.