conman selling fake television in surrey and hampshire lay bys 2
conman selling fake television in surrey and hampshire lay bys 2

Conman selling fake Television in Surrey and Hampshire lay-bys

An Irish conman is working around Surrey and Hampshire Lay-by’s temping people to part with their hard earn cash for a cheap flat screen 65 inch Television.
The short Irishman traveller who is pictured claims he is from Luton.
The conman opens up the side door of the 2004 registered White Renault Traffic at lay-by’s and rest areas offering you a bargain.
The van is packed full of Televisions. The good on sale all wrapped in bubble wrap with labels and price tags of over 2000 pounds are in fact a con.

The confident conman claims he has people working in the warehouses of Curry’s and can get you anything to order within 24 hours half price due to staff discounts. When in fact it’s just a front to palm off the fake television.
The trickster has already been seen in many lay-by in Hampshire and Surrey on the A3 used by hundred of drivers everyday. Sighting have been reported at Wisley Services on the Southbound and Northbound sides. Ockham Village Beware of the vehicle registration CA04GAS with fake Corgi Gas safe stickers on its side and rear doors. The conman with his little stutter asks you to part with cash.

The prices starts at 350 to temp you but as he claims he is having a good day he may drop it to 300 pounds for a 65 inch. These are intact broken 50inc JVV returns wrapped in black clean film to cover the fact they are in fact fake like the driver. The information has been passed to the authorities who are now aware and on the look out for the man. Anyone who has information that may help Police with their investigation is asked is asked to contact Surrey Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111