man jailed for seventeen years for 24 rapes
man jailed for seventeen years for 24 rapes

Man jailed for Seventeen Years for 24 Rapes

A man has been jailed for seventeen years after pleading guilty to 24 counts of rape and sexual assault at Kingston Crown Court yesterday (6 July).
Glynn Ellison, 50, of Aragon Road, Morden, was charged in November 2016 with 25 counts of sexual assault, including rape, sexual assault by penetration and sexual assault by touching. After initially pleading not guilty, he changed his plea and pleaded guilty to six counts of rape, 13 counts of sexual assault by penetration and five counts of sexual assault by touching.
The offences, which were committed between 2010 and 2011, involved Ellison committing the sexual acts when the victim was asleep or otherwise unconscious and filming them on his phone. Towards the end of 2011, he began uploading the footage onto various pornographic websites. This footage was found online in 2015 by a family member who informed the victim. The victim had no knowledge of the events of the footage due to being unconscious.
Ellison was arrested and charged but maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty to all counts in January 2017, with a trial set for April 2017.
In February 2017, Surrey Police received information that Ellison was making plans to flee to Northern Cyprus. Production orders on his bank account showed large amounts of money were being syphoned out of his accounts. He was arrested and brought before the court as it was believed he was planning to abscond. The court gave him bail with further conditions.
In March 2017 Ellison was arrested for breaching his curfew, placed before the court again and released on bail.
Ellison did not turn up at court on the morning of 3 April, the first day of the trial, having left his address early that morning. He was not answering his calls and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.
He was found later that day and arrested for the fail to appear warrant.
Ellison failed to attend court on 11 April after a doctor’s note was submitted to the court claiming he was unfit to attend. However, the Judge decided the evidence presented was not sufficient.
The bench warrant for his arrest was reissued and Ellison was finally brought before the court that afternoon following his arrest by Surrey Police officers.
Detective Constable Lyndsay Vallis, who investigated the offences, said: “I hope that the victim can somehow find the strength to get on with the rest of her life knowing that justice has been served.
“Not only did Ellison commit these horrifying attacks on his victim, but he took advantage of her when she was unconscious so he could film these deplorable acts on his phone and put the footage all over the internet. I cannot begin to imagine how this would have made her feel and I would like to commend her for the sheer bravery she has shown throughout the court process.
“I hope this reassures anybody who may have been a victim of sexual assault or rape that we take reports extremely seriously and specialist officers will always investigate fully and sensitively.”
Surrey Police treats reports of sexual offences extremely seriously and urges anybody who has been subject to sexual abuse or assault to report it to police as soon as possible where dedicated and specialist officers will investigate sensitively and thoroughly.