watch this shocking behaviour that happened in north sheen at the level crossing 2
watch this shocking behaviour that happened in north sheen at the level crossing 2
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Watch this shocking behaviour that happened in North Sheen at the level Crossing

The level crossing at North Sheen today. Mate, the barrier is there for a reason. This shocking footage was captured in Richmond on Thames. With the barriers down and the light on Red lights at a level crossing it has gone viral on social media.

The cyclist who risked his bike and other all to save a few seconds was very nearly hit by the train. As As waiting motorists try to speak to the man about his behaviour he reply by swearing In don’t care mate

The video also sparked angry reaction on Facebook, has been viewed more than 200,000 times and been shared by 2,874 people.
He managed to stop a split-second before a Waterloo-bound train rushed past.

As the South West train blared its horn, the man threw up his arm in anger at the driver.
Barry Dorton wrote: “Unbelievable,” while Sarah Hilton added: “What a complete idiot. Didn’t seem to care about the barriers, let alone the consequences of being hit by a train!”

They said: “The guy was very aggressive and off his nut.”

When others commented to ask why the witness didn’t intervene, they replied: “He was kicking the s*** out of the barrier before this. Would you approach?”

Commenting on a similar case in Feltham, West London late last year, Inspector Becky Warren from British Transport Police, said: “There simply is no excuse to be walking on the tracks and jumping over the barriers.”

She added: “I’ve seen first-hand the consequences of taking a shortcut over a level crossing and the heartbreak and suffering that families and loved ones are left with.”