thirteen detained for illegal entry after panic phone calls made to police on m25 2
thirteen detained for illegal entry after panic phone calls made to police on m25 2

Thirteen detained for illegal entry after Panic Phone Calls Made to Police on M25

Thirteen people found inside a freezer lorry stopped by Police are said to be in good health. The group have all been detained for illegal entry into the U.K. after making panicking calls from inside the lorry to Police explaining they could not breathe and where trapped in the back.
The lorry was spotted on the M25 this afternoon and pulled over by officers onto a near by housing estate Hillswood Drive in Chertsey. A fleet of Police and Ambulances along with a HART team from South East Coast Ambulance service were sent to the scene just after 3pm on Tuesday afternoon.
Surrey police said the find of 10 adults and three children were checked by paramedics. All where checked and are all OK. Three Juveniles have been placed in care of social services and 10 Adults have been taken back and detained at Dover.

Officers were called to reports of a group of trapped inside the vehicle, with some initially said to be dead and not moving. It is understood a number of calls were made one of the calls to police had reportedly come from the driver, while the second had come from a person trapped inside the freezing container on the back of the lorry.

A Spokeswoman for South East Coast ambulance services said They have attended, together with the Police and assessed 13 people taken out of the back of this vehicle. They have now been left in the care of the Police.

The lorry driver is assisting police with inquiries and the investigation will be passed on to UK Visas and Immigration.

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