woking child groomer nearly chokes on bacon roll after getting cold call over meet
woking child groomer nearly chokes on bacon roll after getting cold call over meet

Woking Child Groomer nearly chokes on Bacon Roll after getting Cold Call over Meet

This is his sixth successful sting in Surrey and has now seen David Grout from Send near Woking arrested and questioned by officers from Surrey Police after he arranged to meet a 14 year old in Aldershot for sex.

Moment before the meet at Aldershot train station Grout changed the location to Woking. Despite know that the girl he was meeting was underage he made his excuses saying he could not make the meet as he was going baby sitting instead but wanted to meet up later. That didn’t stop Shane Brannigan the builder turned Pedophile hunter. He made a personal call at his home address on Sunday morning. Stunned partially sighted David Grout dressed in track suit answer the door nearly choked on his bacon butty. Brannigan said” I don’t like going to people’s doors but had no alternative, the family and friends were obviously upset and more people arrived on the scene. Not sure what the purpose of that was, maybe it was to put the frighteners on me.

Police Door

I’m not saying this lad is any where as sick as some, but he did arrange to meet who he believed to be a child for sex. It’s unacceptable and I will never turn a blind eye! He may have impaired sight but seemed to type a message without any problems.
When the police turned up couldn’t have got any closer to the door if they tried.
I have now passed on all the chat logs to the Police.
A spokesman for Surrey Police said that a man has been arrested and questioned by officers and enquiries are ongoing,