Breaking Guildford Surrey

County lines dealer sentenced to four years behind bars

A class A drug dealer has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment after officers spotted him dealing drugs from his car in Guildford last year.

Ishmel Conteh, 23, of Durnsford Road in London, was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court on Monday, 24 May, after pleading guilty to being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin and obstructing a Police Officer in their use of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Officers were out on patrol in an unmarked police car on the morning of 10 November, when they spotted two known drug users who appeared to be waiting for someone. Officers waited and watched them, when they saw a car pull up and then drive off after a short interaction.

Officers pulled over the car on a nearby road and identified Conteh as the sole occupant. When officers tried to speak to Conteh, it was apparent that he had something in his mouth and was unable to speak properly.

A search of the vehicle found two mobile phones and cash, which in conjunction with the interaction seen earlier, led officers to believe that Conteh was dealing drugs. He was arrested and taken to Royal Surrey Hospital to receive treatment for swallowing the suspected drugs, before being taken into custody.

The phones found in Conteh’s car were examined and shown to contain messages related to county lines drug supply.

Police Constable Henry Bowles, who investigated the case, said: “The proactive work of officers from the Western Proactive Team that day led to a class A drug dealer being taken off of the streets of Surrey. The impact of drugs on our communities can be devastating, and we work hard to bring drug dealers to justice and take them out of our neighbourhoods.”

For more information on how to spot county lines activity in your community, and where to report suspicious behaviour, can be found here