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Witness appeal following catalytic converter theft in Nonsuch Park

Police are appealing for witnesses following the theft of a catalytic converter from a car in Nonsuch Park, Cheam yesterday (5 May).

Officers were called to Sparrow Farm Lodge Car Park following the theft of a catalytic converter from a silver Honda Jazz which occurred between 10:40am-12:15pm.

Police are appealing the anyone who may have witnessed the theft or have any further information or dashcam footage to get in touch with us. If you can help in any way, please send us a direct message on Surrey Police’s Twitter or Facebook pages, contact us through the chat at or call 101, quoting PR/ 45210046297. If you would like to report a piece of information without leaving your name, please call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Catalytic converters are typically stolen and sold as precious metals. Owners are then left to foot the expensive repair bill on their vehicles. Vehicles are targeted on the road, in car parks, and even on driveways, and catalytic converters can be removed in a matter of minutes.

Thieves may seem as though they are legitimately working on a car and may also be wearing face masks.

Stay on the lookout for catalytic converter theft in Surrey

Here are some ways you can protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft:

Lookout for suspicious activity around vehicles, such as a vehicle being lifted up or someone doing something to the underneath of the vehicle
Lookout for anyone attempting to steal number plates, as thieves may use these on their vehicles to avoid police detection
CCTV such as a video doorbells could provide key evidence and deter offenders
An alarm can be fitted to your vehicle that activates if it is tilted or shaken
Having your vehicle’s serial number etched on the catalytic converter could help police track stolen items and deter offenders (see
A protective cover over the catalytic converter can help to guard your vehicle (see
Garages can be asked to weld the bolts holding the catalytic converter on, to make it harder to remove
If you witness suspicious activity, don’t approach the suspects. Where possible, take note of the suspect’s vehicle registration. You can report this via our online form at In an emergency always call 999.
For further information about catalytic converter theft see