Breaking Leatherhead Surrey

Police Dog Zena jumps into action after stolen car crashes on the A243

Police Dog Zena was called into action in the early hours of yesterday morning (5 May), after a stolen car crashed into the central reservation on the A243 in Leatherhead.

The incident occurred after officers spotted the Audi driving very fast and erratically at around 2am. After failing to stop for police, a pursuit was initiated before the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the central reservation.

Three men have then decamped from the vehicle and fled the scene on foot.

PD Zena was deployed by officers and she successfully tracked the scent of one of the men to nearby woodland.

The man eventually made himself known to officers and emerged from his hiding place from behind a fence. It was subsequently determined that he was not the driver of the vehicle and he was released.

PC Hunt, Zena’s handler, said: “The outcome of this incident could have been a lot more serious as the vehicle was travelling at excessive speed and it is extremely fortunate that they did not crash into anyone else using the roads at that time. Zena’s amazing sense of smell and dedication to the job, meant that we were successfully able to locate one of the men involved.”

After a thorough search of the stolen vehicle, a large box of nitrous oxide canisters were also found and confiscated.

Enquiries to identify the two other men involved in the incident remain ongoing.