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Screenshot 2020 09 15 at 07.03.37
Breaking Godstone Surrey


Superhero, Saleem Syed, will be once again giving a life changing presentation and award to one lucky recipient tomorrow night (2nd October 2020), from 7:00pm at the Godstone Inn, Surrey for a Covid-19 safe event.  

Mr Syed said “2 people have already been awarded their own scooters which has given them back independence and makes getting about easier in their day to day life”,  he goes onto say “I set up The British Mobility Project to help others after my own son had difficulties with with certain conditions”.  Mr Syed, says, “in the 90’s these conditions had no diagnosis and getting help was difficult, its only really been in the past 10 years that people have started to realise how these disabilities can effect someone day to day”.  Mr Syed goes on to say “costs of a mobility scooter can range from £2000 – £10,000, its good to be able to do something positive, which we do by selling tickets and getting people to nominate someone who they think needs it the most”.  There are conditions for the award though, which includes for example people being on Disability Living Allowance(DLA).

Mr Syed, went on to say “We were initially looking to gift 4 per year but we may have to increase that now as we are about to award the third tomorrow night.  The presentations have always been well received and we usually have a celebrity or two to help move the night along in the right way… in the past we have had Sheena, lead singer from House Every Weekend, and Chris Harvey contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, and they love to support such a fantastic project”.

Throughout the evening there will be entertainment, food and one lucky person will be presented with their new mobility scooter.

Mr Syed, can usually be spotted promoting his project in the guise of Superman along with his colleague Diogo Carvalho, who dresses as the caped crusader Batman.   In addition to being Superman his heroics also extend to him being a frontline volunteer for the NHS.   

For more information about the project and event see

Saleem awards a wheel chair to a very grateful Julia Jones from Woodhatch.