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Screenshot 2020 04 21 at 05.02.59
Breaking Surrey

Two police officers rushed to hospital after being cut free from their £60K BMW

Two police officers have been rushed to hospital  after being cut free from their Police vehicle after it was involved in a collision with a Royal mail lorry in the early hours of Tuesday morning.


Purley Way in Croydon remains closed following the serious collision that took place just after 2am on Tuesday April 21st.

Fire crews from London Fire Brigade were called to free the to officers using hydraulic cutting equipment the doors and the roof of the mangle £60K Police vehicle were cut away and the officers both placed on spinal board and immobilised by paramedics before being rushed to hospital.


The condition of the pair is not currently know. It is also unclear if the vehicle was answering an emergency call at the time of the collision. 

 An inveingasiton has been launched and specialist collision  team have spent most of the night at the incident.

PC Chamberlain who is based at Croydon said that it was two of his colleagues involved in the collision and they are work on the same relief, He is hoping that they are both ok. They are really nice guys. We haven’t really been told a lot about what has happened. The Met Police have been approached for comment