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Screenshot 2019 12 01 at 02.23.49 2

Police carry out Armed Raid in Kingston upon Thames

Armed Officers from the Met Police Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19)  have carried out a  raid at property in Kingston on Thames this evening. (Saturday 30th November 2019).

Two Armed response unit attended an address in Surbiton Road   with weapons drawn focused on a second floor window.


Police Carry Out  Armed  Raid In Kingston Upon Thames

Other  uniformed officers kept members of the public at a safe distance whilst the raid was taking place. Residents living nearby were told to stay in their properties and not to come out.

It was very surreal and very frightening   said one woman who asked not to be named.


Officers smashed through the glass windows  of the glass fronted building just after 11pm.

The entry by the team could be heard as the glass was smashed with a hooligan bar.

It is currently unclear if this was a preplanned raid or fell under business as usual.

The Met Police have been approached for comment