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Breaking COVID19

Another 1,245 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for the coronavirus in the UK , according to government figures

The EU has reversed its decision to temporarily override part of the Brexit deal amid an ongoing row over Covid vaccine supplies in the bloc.
The move would have seen checks at the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland to prevent shipments entering the UK.
But the European Commission later said it would ensure the Northern Ireland Protocol is “unaffected”.
Boris Johnson had expressed “grave concerns” about the plan in a phone call with the commission’s president.
President Ursula von der Leyen later tweeted to say she had held “constructive talks” with the prime minister.
France is ban non-essential travel from outside the European Union from Sunday, Prime Minister Jean Castex has announced.
The decision has been made in a bid to avoid a national lockdown – coronavirus cases have recently spiked in France.
The French PM announced on Friday evening that France was going to close its borders with countries outside the EU on Sunday, “unless there is a compelling reason”.
UK funeral directors say they might need to ask bereaved families to agree to pay any fines incurred if a service breaches coronavirus restrictions.
The National Association of Funeral Directors said it was “utterly ridiculous” its members risked penalties for doing a frontline job.
Rules vary across the UK but there are limits at funerals in all four nations.
One director was given a £10,000 fine after nearly 150 people turned up to a funeral in Hertfordshire this month.