40,000 users locked out of snapchat app after it crashes

The popular messaging service, Snapchat crashed late on Thursday night, with users reporting being unable to open the app on multiple platforms.

Problems still continued into the early hours of the morning, with thousands of reports coming in regarding problems with logging in.

Users posted to complain about the problems, some saying that the Snapchat app won’t even open. Others reported that they can reach the normal features but the app crashes.

One posted: “I thought it was only me. So I uninstalled Snapchat, and when I wanted to re-enter my login details, it says, “uh, oh. Something went wrong; try again later.”

It’s unclear what has caused the loss of service, but over 40,000 reports have been posted on the Downdetector site, making it one of the largest server issues of 2021 so far.