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Hazell’s reckless driving could have seriously injured or even killed an innocent member of the public

A Leatherhead man is behind bars for two years following a dangerous police pursuit earlier this year.
Nicholas Hazell, 37, of Aperdele Road, Leatherhead, was sentenced to 2 years in prison after being found guilty of dangerous driving, failure to stop for police, possession of an offensive weapon, driving whilst disqualified, driving without a valid license and failing to provide an evidential sample.
Hazell was arrested after officers were on mobile patrol in Epsom in the early hours of Tuesday, 30 May and his vehicle drove in front of them, activating ANPR cameras following a previous failure to stop for police.
A short police pursuit ensued and Hazell travelled 70mph in a 30mph zone, before crashing on Chatsworth Road. Hazell attempted to flee but officers found him nearby and he was arrested.
Hazell initially told officers that he had not been involved, despite his belongings, including personal paperwork and items of clothing being found in the car. He changed his story while he was in custody, claiming to be the passenger but refusing to name the driver.
While being detained, he also dropped a sachet of white crystals on the floor and a roadside drugs wipe revealed he was driving under the influence of drugs. A wooden cosh weapon was also found inside the car.
He was taken into custody and charged the following day.
Further tests revealed that the substance inside the sachet he had dropped was crystal meth.
He was found guilty of all offences following a three day trial and sentenced at Guildford Crown Court on Friday (13 November).
Investigating officer PC Gemma Morgan said: “Hazell’s reckless driving could have seriously injured or even killed an innocent member of the public. I hope this sentence reassures the public that offences such as these will not be tolerated.”