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Screenshot 2020 10 06 at 16.35.11

This happened earlier in a supermarket car park but please beware to prevent yourself from becoming a victim


During the past week fraudsters have been back in town targeting supermarket shoppers, who used either a Credit or Debit card to make payments by way of entering a 4 digit PIN at the point of sale.

The offenders sometimes appear to be on their own but are likely to be working in small teams.

They target lone female supermarket shoppers, taking note of the PIN as the victim taps it into the keypad at the till.

They then follow the victim out into the car park where they wait until the shopping has been loaded and the victim has got into her car at which point one offender will knock on the driver’s side window claiming to want to show the victim some damage they saw been caused to her car.

As the victim steps out of her car, another offender opens a car door and steals the victim’s handbag.

The offenders having both the pin and the victims cards then withdraw cash from an ATM or purchase goods from stores or online, all before the victim is aware of the theft.

To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of these type of fraudsters remember the Golden Rules of;
Never letting anyone see what your PIN is, ensure you cover the keypad as you enter your PIN.