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A man has been jailed for seven years for dangerous driving after a 20-year-old woman lost her life in Lambeth last year

A man has been jailed for seven years for dangerous driving after a 20-year-old woman lost her life in Lambeth last year.

Quincy Anyiam, 26  of Wolfs Wood, Oxted, Surrey, was sentenced at the Old Bailey today  to spend seven years in prison for causing the death of Anisha Garner by dangerous driving last February in Brixton Hill.


Anyiam pleaded guilty on Tuesday, 23 March at the same court to charges of failing to stop and dangerous driving.

The initial incident happened at around 9.56pm on Wednesday, 19 February, when Anyiam was driving a car which sped off from police in Brixton Hill after officers signalled for it to stop.

His vehicle was then involved in a collision with 20-year-old Anisha Vidal-Garner, from Epping. Despite the best efforts of the emergency services, Anisha was pronounced dead at the scene.

Anyiam did not stop after the collision and his car was found abandoned nearby. Two days later, on Friday, 21 February, he handed himself into police and was charged with the above offences.

A spokesperson for the family paid tribute to Anisha, saying: “Anisha was a beautiful, intelligent, witty, fun and hugely kind person who had time for everyone. She was passionate about many things and all her passions became our passions, from Eurovision to Timothee Chalamet. She was complex and interesting and interested in everything. She had so much to look forward to. She wanted to travel and see the world and experience everything it had to offer. But her life was taken away by the reckless actions of Quincy Anyiam. She stood no chance. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong second. His failure to show any real remorse or take responsibility – including his failure to turn up to court on two occasions – has dragged this case out and caused even more distress.

Her brother Gael added: “Anisha was a truly spectacular person – smart, funny and caring. She was always there for you and never would not be. She is loved no matter what. Her love is endless. She is an immortal and that’s what she deserves. We simply adored Anisha and we will miss her for ever.”

A/Detective Inspector Richard Budd, leading the investigation said: “This is an incredibly tragic incident for Anisha’s family and loved ones. This is justice, but in no way will it compensate for the devastation and destruction that Anyiam has caused to this family.”