Screenshot 2020 04 28 at 14.58.39
Screenshot 2020 04 28 at 14.58.39

Grim COVID19 Daily Death toll hits over 21,500


Today’s total number of deaths & cases for the UK (28/04/2020)

  • New deaths announced from official UK data (586) total UK (21,679)

Total number of deaths for Scotland & N Ireland (28/04/2020)

  • Scotland (HPS) (70) new deaths (1,332) total. 126 people in ICU


Additional information

Trends in daily COVID-19 data for Scotland

On 27 April 2020 there were:

  • 3,460 calls to 111 and 495 calls to the Coronavirus Helpline. The number of calls to 111 includes all calls, whether or not they relate to COVID-19

  • 1,531 Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) attendances, of which 343 were for suspected COVID-19. SAS took 225 people to hospital with suspected COVID-19.

  • 580 people delayed in hospital as at 27 April. This is 1,032 less than the baseline period (04/03 weekly return). An initial target to reduce delays by 400 by the end of March and a further target of reducing by a further 500 by the end of April have now been met.

  • 538 (50%) adult care homes which had lodged at least one notification for suspected COVID-19 to the Care Inspectorate. It is important to note that not all of these care homes will still have outbreaks.

  • 354 of these adult care homes have reported more than one case of suspected COVID-19.

  • 384 (35%) adult care homes have a current outbreak of suspected COVID-19 as at 21 April. This is a care home where at least one care home resident has exhibited symptoms during the last 14 days.

  • 2,935 cumulative cases of suspected COVID-19 in care homes. This is an increase of 204 suspected cases on the previous day.

  • a total of 6,774 staff, or around 4.1% of the NHS workforce, reporting as absent due to a range of reasons related to COVID-19.

  • 2,448 inpatients have been discharged from hospital since 5 March, who had been tested positive for COVID-19, up from yesterday’s total of 2,380.